Fix Planet Earth (PeopleMundi)

Hi, thank you for participating on this program, here are all the results about people decisions. Currently 19710 missile-bombs were already dropped on Earth's surface, affecting 49003 times different countries around the world.


all data submitted and processed by this online application DO NOT have any relevance with real world, yoambulante is not resposible for misunderstandings, bad interpretation and wrong usage of information given in this page. No conclusions can be made related to real world based on the data exposed by this application.

Last activity on Earth's surface (last 30 missile-bombs)

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Missile-bomb Type Launch date Affected countries Triggered From
#19710 Massive destruction Bomb 16 Dec, 2023 - 13:53:13 1 from country flag Philippines
#19709 Massive destruction Bomb 16 Dec, 2023 - 13:48:30 4 from country flag Philippines
#19708 Massive destruction Bomb 24 Feb, 2023 - 20:30:36 1 from country flag Romania
#19707 Downgrade intelligence Bomb 10 Jan, 2023 - 09:32:08 0 from country flag United States
#19706 Massive destruction Bomb 29 Apr, 2022 - 11:55:21 1 from country flag France
#19705 Fertile ground Bomb 29 Apr, 2022 - 11:27:42 9 from country flag France
#19704 Downgrade intelligence Bomb 29 Apr, 2022 - 11:19:15 4 from country flag France
#19703 Massive destruction Bomb 29 Apr, 2022 - 11:14:33 1 from country flag France
#19702 Education extreme Bomb 21 Dec, 2021 - 21:30:06 1 from country flag United Kingdom
#19701 Massive destruction Bomb 18 Dec, 2021 - 20:29:24 11 from country flag Canada
#19700 Massive destruction Bomb 18 Dec, 2021 - 07:22:10 6 from country flag Russian Federation
#19699 Massive destruction Bomb 19 Oct, 2021 - 13:53:29 3 from country flag Romania
#19698 Education extreme Bomb 19 Oct, 2021 - 13:49:27 9 from country flag Romania
#19697 Massive destruction Bomb 19 Oct, 2021 - 12:24:36 1 from country flag Romania
#19696 Sanitation-health Bomb 25 Jul, 2021 - 12:20:17 6 from country flag Poland
#19695 Massive destruction Bomb 26 Jun, 2021 - 03:07:09 4 from country flag Philippines
#19694 Downgrade intelligence Bomb 07 Mar, 2021 - 07:12:15 1 from country flag China
#19693 Massive destruction Bomb 30 Jan, 2021 - 23:38:34 1 from country flag Brazil
#19692 Massive destruction Bomb 30 Jan, 2021 - 16:39:44 1 from country flag China
#19691 Massive destruction Bomb 24 Jan, 2021 - 23:46:57 11 from country flag Brazil
#19690 Downgrade intelligence Bomb 24 Jan, 2021 - 23:44:45 1 from country flag Brazil
#19689 Fertile ground Bomb 20 Jan, 2021 - 14:59:31 1 from country flag Brazil
#19688 Massive destruction Bomb 18 Jan, 2021 - 01:04:27 1 from country flag United States
#19687 Massive destruction Bomb 05 Jan, 2021 - 23:21:47 3 from country flag Germany
#19686 Massive destruction Bomb 09 Dec, 2020 - 01:34:26 2 from country flag Mexico
#19685 Massive destruction Bomb 07 Nov, 2020 - 00:32:23 1 from country flag China
#19684 Sanitation-health Bomb 19 Oct, 2020 - 04:28:55 1 from country flag India
#19683 Downgrade intelligence Bomb 20 Sep, 2020 - 12:19:04 1 from country flag Cuba
#19682 Massive destruction Bomb 20 Sep, 2020 - 12:10:20 1 from country flag Cuba
#19681 Massive destruction Bomb 10 Aug, 2020 - 17:20:42 1 from country flag India

List of countries affected by missile-bombs

Affected Country Missile-bombs
from country flag United States 3078
from country flag China 2275
from country flag India 1486
from country flag Russia 1333
from country flag Canada 1070
from country flag France 975
from country flag Brazil 892
from country flag Mexico 864
from country flag Iran 848
from country flag Italy 835
from country flag Yemen 833
from country flag Germany 719
from country flag Belgium 636
from country flag Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 619
from country flag Turkey 612
from country flag Austria 610
from country flag Israel 582
from country flag Arctic 571
from country flag Colombia 551
from country flag Croatia 525
from country flag Pakistan 514
from country flag Chad 508
from country flag Switzerland 507
from country flag Czech Republic 502
from country flag England 497
from country flag Venezuela 495
from country flag Bosnia and Herzegovina 486
from country flag Poland 483
from country flag Hungary 465
from country flag Serbia and Montenegro 465
from country flag Republic of the Congo 455
from country flag Afghanistan 453
from country flag Ukraine 441
from country flag Rwanda 436
from country flag New Zealand 435
from country flag Netherlands 424
from country flag Spain 414
from country flag Togo 413
from country flag Romania 409
from country flag Indonesia 408
from country flag Slovenia 376
from country flag Myanmar (was Burma) 361
from country flag Slovakia 361
from country flag Jordan 355
from country flag Eritrea 348
from country flag Oman 348
from country flag Antarctica 345
from country flag Nepal 337
from country flag Scotland 336
from country flag Central African Republic 327
from country flag Greece 322
from country flag Argentina 321
from country flag Saudi Arabia 305
from country flag Gabon 297
from country flag Thailand 295
from country flag Kazakhstan 293
from country flag Algeria 289
from country flag Benin 289
from country flag Singapore 288
from country flag Japan 279
from country flag Vietnam 278
from country flag Albania 277
from country flag Iraq 272
from country flag Philippines 270
from country flag Peru 267
from country flag Bulgaria 259
from country flag Mongolia 258
from country flag Cyprus 254
from country flag Turkmenistan 254
from country flag Ethiopia 246
from country flag Wales 241
from country flag Malaysia 230
from country flag Republic of Macedonia 227
from country flag Laos 221
from country flag Niger 213
from country flag Belarus 211
from country flag United Arab Emirates 204
from country flag Portugal 200
from country flag Democratic Republic of the Congo 189
from country flag Kuwait 189
from country flag Zimbabwe 186
from country flag Tunisia 185
from country flag Ecuador 180
from country flag Syrian Arab Republic 178
from country flag North Korea 169
from country flag Northern Ireland 166
from country flag South Korea 165
from country flag Cambodia 164
from country flag Angola 164
from country flag Uzbekistan 161
from country flag Somalia 159
from country flag Mozambique 158
from country flag Liberia 156
from country flag Bangladesh 152
from country flag Republic of Ireland 152
from country flag Bolivia 150
from country flag Moldova 149
from country flag Denmark 147
from country flag Honduras 143
from country flag Burundi 140
from country flag Guatemala 139
from country flag Guyana 139
from country flag Nicaragua 136
from country flag Zambia 133
from country flag Sweden 129
from country flag Morocco 128
from country flag Bhutan 126
from country flag Lesotho 124
from country flag Georgia 123
from country flag Lithuania 121
from country flag Cuba 118
from country flag Dominican Republic 118
from country flag Tajikistan 117
from country flag Australia 116
from country flag Ghana 115
from country flag Chile 110
from country flag Haiti 108
from country flag Panama 108
from country flag Egypt 106
from country flag Namibia 104
from country flag Azerbaijan 102
from country flag Botswana 99
from country flag Ivory Coast 99
from country flag Paraguay 96
from country flag Costa Rica 93
from country flag Uruguay 91
from country flag Puerto Rico 88
from country flag Latvia 87
from country flag Sierra Leone 86
from country flag Burkina Faso 86
from country flag El Salvador 79
from country flag Belize 77
from country flag Kyrgyzstan 76
from country flag Greenland 72
from country flag Sri Lanka 70
from country flag Uganda 69
from country flag Taiwan 63
from country flag Malawi 61
from country flag Suriname 61
from country flag Norway 60
from country flag Virgin Islands 59
from country flag Swaziland 57
from country flag Finland 56
from country flag Mali 53
from country flag Hong Kong 50
from country flag Estonia 49
from country flag Cameroon 49
from country flag South Africa 48
from country flag Guadeloupe 46
from country flag Guinea 41
from country flag French Guiana 37
from country flag Sudan 32
from country flag Papua New Guinea 31
from country flag Mauritania 29
from country flag Iceland 28
from country flag Armenia 28
from country flag Brunei 25
from country flag Guinea-Bissau 23
from country flag Trinidad and Tobago 22
from country flag Nigeria 14
from country flag Qatar 14
from country flag Gambia 13
from country flag Kenya 12
from country flag Tanzania 10
from country flag Western Sahara 8
from country flag Madagascar 7
from country flag Svalbard 5

more information will be available soon.

date: 01 Apr 2011 - 03:04:57, published by mrmustache
I can understand why the world hates USA, they are always where nobody has called them, but I was really surprised with India, it seems nobody likes them neither, lol!
date: 20 Jul 2011 - 06:34:31
i wonder if israil was on the globe , how many massive destruction bomb will it get ?
date: 24 Jul 2011 - 11:11:48, published by coert
date: 01 Aug 2011 - 19:38:32
oiy y wud u bomb mAdagascar eh dont get that
date: 25 Aug 2011 - 17:03:45, published by Don
India, USA, China etc are the countries targeted by most because, the job assigned to you by this app is to find the most efficient way for tackling human population and scientific advances, so that you can save Earth. Don't be emotional, think logically..
date: 12 Sep 2011 - 13:44:16
i dont like indian food, n they smell, n they are cheap in doing business, everyone of my fds went to india got diarrhea, n they hv v diff beliefs than mine, they hv temple of rats, imagine. yes, sorry, in this case, im a racist.
date: 14 Sep 2011 - 03:26:00, published by alex.nino
Well, I actually have been in India, and let me tell you something, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I am pretty sure your friends perceptions are quite different of yours, let it a go, I have learned how to eat Indian food and I do love it after all.
date: 14 Sep 2011 - 04:17:54, published by dave
i just thought if people eat they become healthy and then can educate themselves if they of healthy body and mind
date: 19 Sep 2011 - 02:36:13
I think that some people launch to India because is the starter location of the map. I think that random start location gives another results.
date: 25 Sep 2011 - 16:15:44, published by jimdabruisd
Fuck it, mass plague thee whole world and let God ( if there's one) choose who will survive. I would definitely take a few Arab country's out tho,no oil= less pollution
date: 04 Oct 2011 - 12:01:51, published by Jay
wow. People hate US indeed...but, just a note for those who dropped the D-Bomb: - Just like in any other country, the majority (composed by good people) is represented by a minority (composed by #@!&#!) so, don't judge the book by its cover. One thing should disappear from this planet is the law makers (not talking only about govs.) and all those old people how will burn food to keep the price in control so they can make tons of profits over all of us.
date: 18 Oct 2011 - 01:34:58
Hello, below the Poland is Slovakia ( capital : Bratislava ) :)
date: 18 Oct 2011 - 01:34:59, published by alex.nino
Hi!, thank you so much for your feedback, I am currently working in the new update which includes all these minor bugs fixed and more accuracy, small tiny places like hong kong, singapore, luxemburg, etc... thanks!
date: 29 Oct 2011 - 11:11:29, published by oil <> pollution
Bombing Arab countries to reduce oil pollution is just thinly veiled racism. America and Canada produce oil, coal, natural gas, uranium, etc., but most importantly, use it. Existence doesn't cause pollution but usage does.
date: 13 Nov 2011 - 11:24:46
I understand nuking USA, India and China because these are big nations with huge populations and in case of china and america huge levels of cosumptions. so logically it makes sense to get rid of them But WHY nuke poor canada? a nice educated humble country with very less population.
date: 04 Dec 2011 - 07:07:13, published by bernardi66
Ha, ha, this poor Canadian just took out most of Iran and the neighborhood,eh. Dont believe religion and politics should mix,eh.
date: 04 Dec 2011 - 07:16:15, published by bernardi66
Ha, ha, again,eh. This poor Canadian felt so bad that he went back into the same area with the health bomb for a fix. If only I could find the toilet paper bomb...,eh?
date: 10 Dec 2011 - 18:58:15, published by stephen
i am very happy with all the people who wantto help wales
date: 18 Dec 2011 - 08:39:39, published by nosferatu
A country being hit by a bomb doesn't mean is because of hate. US,China and India are in top simply because there are more "players" from those countries.
date: 24 Dec 2011 - 22:33:12, published by Ripley
Maybe many or even most hit the top runners because they live there like you suggest but I chose to hit the US around St. Louis with the education bomb, primarily because I felt hitting one of the countries that create the largest ripples to begin with are most likely to trigger the largest response everywhere else. Of course giving the US more education could cost us all. Some leaders just don't know how to use power for the good of all. For those of you around the world running this experiment, please know that many of us US citizens feel our leaders have harmed our people as much as anyone else so don't hate the people, hate the greed that calls the shots.
date: 31 Dec 2011 - 22:31:37
this is a very interesting app and makes me wonder why anyone would want to bomb canada? canada is so tolerant and accepting of other cultures and ways of life, could that be our weakness?
date: 01 Jan 2012 - 16:54:25
Mexico's national No. 1 priority is education, please drop as many bomba as you can
date: 07 Jan 2012 - 23:50:07
im really surprised at how many people would nuke canada cause its so accepting of other all cultures and religions and has a pretty tiny population compared to its not surprised at all about the US though.....
date: 14 Jan 2012 - 07:13:42, published by Simer
Well the education bomb should be dropped in every nation rather than opting out for mass destruction. Earth is beautiful indeed and so is every country and the culture and heritage that it carries.
date: 16 Jan 2012 - 23:18:20, published by AzlnFrst
some bombs/missles are good.. i droped a fertile ground ome on the us...calm down there mr victim.. theres plenty of reasons ppl want to drop bombs on us..our politicians are assholes... thought the average american is a decent person :)
date: 21 Jan 2012 - 05:40:17
very interesting app, cool!
date: 24 Jan 2012 - 23:08:32
i was hoping for the sterilization or maybe contraception bomb!!!
date: 05 Feb 2012 - 03:55:33
why is not possible to see on the map what kind of bombs have been dropped on israel ?
date: 26 Feb 2012 - 14:22:42, published by Nick Provost
date: 06 Mar 2012 - 04:42:13, published by Aussie
Dont get it when the USA gets targeted with all the crap. Have been there a few times and they are great people. The USA is also the one that comes to other countries aid in many more ways than just using its military People need to take a step back and think about what the USA is doing for all the other countries
date: 13 Apr 2012 - 21:00:08, published by Bloodstream
Barack Obama better watch out. The USA government is going down, and sub countries are going up. Europe is not giving money anymore, cause there is no more bills about the World War I, and the countries don't need special support for the North American. America will not be blessed by God. And soon, RUSSIANS, INDIANS AND BRAZILIANS will have the power. Write my words.
date: 03 May 2012 - 04:54:19, published by What the
Yeah china should perish. It\\\'s over populated
date: 16 Jun 2012 - 17:37:13
You stupid idiots why dont you guys like Romania?
date: 26 Jul 2012 - 22:19:47
The things that should really be considered is this, tackle the mortality rate and concentrate also on the health, what really needs to be fixed is the distribution of food and medicine, the pollution problem can be taken care of when everyone will be healthy and smart enough to think about ways to solve it. Destroying and killing won't be beneficial, only post-pone and end things in a way it cannot be returned. Make everyone live, smart and happy. Let them find proper ways to solve pollution, if not you intervene in a peaceful way. Death isn't needed, good people through all exist everywhere.
date: 03 Nov 2012 - 17:18:34
Why can't I find Jamaica on the map???
date: 25 Dec 2012 - 22:30:14, published by shane
date: 08 Feb 2013 - 11:38:41
Fertilise Antarctica anyone?
date: 14 Apr 2013 - 13:43:57
I think that the chinese just need to slow down on economics and production. Thats why I put the downgrade missle on it.
date: 23 Jul 2013 - 00:22:03
I don't get why would anyone bomb Svalbard xD Btw I nuked Sweden.
date: 21 Sep 2013 - 14:52:16