Music to the space

Music is something extremely subjective (abstract), it is incredible how it can be interpreted differently among people, when some melodies sound really good to me same ones heard by others could sound just horrible and vice versa, nowadays I could even say that our mood possibly affects how much we like it or how much receptive we are when listening new music, fusions or new crazy ideas. Every melody in the air has a reason and makes someone feel different in any sense.

Fortunately when I was young I got the chance to get in contact with music by playing a keyboard my father gave me, I was about 8 when I started learning it, the more time I spent on front of the keyboard the more I felt interested in music and how it is made, at that particular point the music just became to me a true interface to communicate all good/bad feelings I had inside out but early when I was 15, drinks, parties, friends and girls arrived into my life and I had to forget a bit my keyboard and it was here when I started looking for something cheaper, portable, friendly and confident… a guitar.

I don't consider myself a professional musician and perhaps it is true that I have many things to learn from many people playing around. I never studied music for living of it, I have studied music just to feel better myself, music is not more than the biggest hobby I have and I just would like to share it with whoever wants to hear it, I'm not interested in explore it with commercial purposes.

And well, what I have to say is that if I have some spare time I don't believe that there is something better than being selfish and play my guitar and synthesizers at home for hours and hours insatiably, that's what I call holly moments.

These are the songs that I have began and finished

Antiguas calles (Antigua sangre) which translate Old streets (Old blood) was a project I made during the winter in London in 2008, I started writing the lyrics first and then I put the music behind, this song was inspirited on my hometown Cali and tells the story of a guy arriving back to the town more...

date: 07 Nov, 2008, heard: 497 times.

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The land that nobody has dreamed to be in, I made it in London at the end of autumn 2007, I started building the whole music structure first and then wrote the lyrics on top, perhaps this is my favourite one so far, I just love the chords and melody expression. This song is a critic about life style and more...

date: 12 Sep, 2008, heard: 300 times.

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This is a instrumental song I made during the testing process of a c++ program that took me ages for finishing it (many requirements, many short notice changes, too many bugs), it was in Rio de Janeiro in the summer of 2005. This is probably the fastest song I've ever made, it didn't take long... more...

date: 05 Jun, 2005, heard: 194 times.

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When I wrote this song I was a bit angry inspired on my home town Cali and all arguments I got for leaving it, I wrote the lyrics just after I left my country for the very first time travelling to Costa Rica in 2000. Once I got a clear idea about what I was feeling in that moment I started making the music and then put the lyrics more...

date: 25 Mar, 2003, heard: 188 times.

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This is the list of things that I don't know if one day I'll finish

Lá vou eu - 2008

I have recorded all acoustic instruments. This song was written by my father in law (Irtamar Carvalho) he wrote both, the music and lyrics.

date: 25 Nov, 2008, heard: 107 times.


Oitava Maravilha (voice) - 2008

It is my wife (Marjane Carvalho) singing, we recorded this short part of the song Oitava Maravilha just kidding in a afternoon.

date: 10 Sep, 2008, heard: 95 times.


Running Away - 2007

When I started making this song at the same time I was making 'En la tierra que nadie soño' which didn't work, I mixed ideas and that's why I never finished it.

date: 30 Nov, 2007, heard: 44 times.


Te encontraré - 2007

One more of my attempts of mixing percussion and electronic waveforms, maybe one day I will find the lyrics for it by chance.

date: 20 May, 2007, heard: 37 times.


Oitava maravilha - 2006

I am definitely going to finish this one, I just don't know when, it is a shame having no time for it, I do like this song.

date: 12 Jul, 2006, heard: 55 times.


Por instinto lo hiciste - 2005

Playing around with a bass guitar and the keyboard, it is kind of a mixing between reggae and something else, hehe

date: 21 Jan, 2005, heard: 26 times.


Mal uso - 2004

I'm not sure if I should finish it, just by chance one day I was playing with the guitar and that first chord appeared which is strange but sounds interesting.

date: 10 Jul, 2004, heard: 19 times.


La contribución - 2004

This is part of a song I did ages ago in a workstation Roland XP50 in 1998, I just tried to remake it but didn't work as I want, so I left it for while...

date: 01 May, 2004, heard: 28 times.


Morsa - 2004

Playing around some synthesizer, for some strange reason this track make me feel fat, that why I named it as morsa which means walrus

date: 08 Apr, 2004, heard: 24 times.


Temporary - 2004

This is maybe the most commercial track I have ever done, too much influence from the radio and music forefront, I'm not sure, we feel like that sometimes.

date: 10 Mar, 2004, heard: 24 times.


Apunta a mi evolución - 2004

I recorded it first time I was testing my new drums module, maybe one day I could write down the lyrics and finish it, but first I will do the previous ones.

date: 05 Feb, 2004, heard: 19 times.


Estoy feliz y vos donde estas? - 2003

I made this loop for a Flash game I was working on, It was for a website in Colombia called

date: 05 Dec, 2003, heard: 22 times.


Tu mente - 2003

I wrote this song just when I went back to Colombia (Bogotá) in a fail attempt of living in my country one more time. This song is a bit mindless.

date: 15 Oct, 2003, heard: 38 times.


Esto es un circo - 2003

This is a bit dirty, too much noise for me, I even made the lyrics for this short loop but and the end, as always, I had no time and forgot to carry on with it.

date: 30 Jul, 2003, heard: 28 times.


Leaving the darkness - 2003

Last time I was living in Bogota I got a band and this was one of the songs I made as member of that band that was completely a disaster.

date: 22 Jul, 2003, heard: 21 times.


Misionero - 2003

It is just a loop I did when I was trying to make a rock in spanish song but at the end it didn't work too well, I've realized it got a huge influence from Soda Estereo.

date: 05 Apr, 2003, heard: 31 times.


I hate 80s music - 2002

One day playing around with my synths I made a track a bit cheese that remind me some music I used to hear when I was young, I called it 'I'm fed up of 80s'.

date: 18 Jun, 2002, heard: 58 times.


Masoquismo - 2002

I love the way how it begins, this song promise something and I'm pretty sure that I going to finish it, of course I will rewrite the whole thing.

date: 15 Feb, 2002, heard: 47 times.