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Hi, thank you very much for visiting Labs. This is my private kitchen where I make and publish all experiments I do playing around with Adobe Flash. Feel free to navigate through the sections, commenting about the things I do and why not helping me to improve in those things I may doing wrong or could be done better.


First of all I'm NOT here to impress someone with my demos or experiments, and perhaps it is true you're a far much better developer than me (I'm competing with nobody). I'm here just to discuss programming subjects and exchange knowledge. Be sure that the content you read is appropriated to your programming skills in order to avoid feeling disappointed, I always write a brief description about the article pointing its complexity level on its header.

Second of all I do appreciate all the time that I have spent trying to figure out the best way to do things (hours, weeks, months, which means sacrifices when we have strong commitments). So as I'm a drunk programmer and at the end of the day after paying taxes and bills the spare cash left is not much, I hope that you before downloading any source code from this web site don't feel upset if it asks you for making a small contribution (a beer), we are here to help each other.

And finally I would like to say that I'm not responsible for bad interpretation or manipulation of resources you might find and download from It is all about sharing the things I do which they are not always completely finished and they can contain some errors, especially those that were not hardly tested.

If you want to find out more about me, please click on this link. Note that english is not my mother language so I do apologize in advance if some of the content here is tricky to interpret (weird sense), please feel free to write me any comment, any question of a subject that you would like to clarify or why not give me a sugestion about how to improve what I'm doing. Use the contact form at any time.

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These are the things that I have done in my spare time and worth to be shared, I think

PeopleMundi (Fix Planet Earth)

date: 01 Apr, 2011, actionscript: 3 (FP10)
Select target cursor on Fix Planet Earth

Couple of weeks ago, by chance I read some articles (from different sources) about global warming, overpopulation, worldwide resources, world's education and that entire thing you might have heard already about humans destroying the planet slowly. I know that you may be feeling a bit tired about this subject but I was actually thinking what if you have a real chance of making instant-huge changes on earth, what would you do?

Finally yesterday I got a chance of working in some reports and enhance the results of people's decisions and bombs dropped around the globe; basically you can now click on any affected country and see where the different bombs were dropped and also where they were triggered from based on people's IP address (don't take it too serious, they can be tourists from different places, lol!), here is the link results, also I have enabled comments.