The eighth wonder (Oitava maravilha)

date: April 4th, 2010

Well, I have to confess that this weekend (easter bank holiday 2010) was boring after we took a look on the BBC forecast and it said that it will be raining all days and with temperatures lower than 10 degrees, it destroyed completely the weekend, we'd better to be at home eating and watching TV. We did nothing especial at all BUT there was something really interesting, my wife and I been making music, lol! We have recorded a song called "Oitava maravilha" in Brazilian Portuguese, it translates in English "The eighth wonder". The story about how this song was made is quite interesting, it started all in Sao Paulo - Brazil when I was separated of my wife longer than 4 months (she was studying in London) and I was in a BBQ with a colleague of mine and I started playing some chords at random with a dusty guitar I found in a corner and he start singing some words at random also... and at the end after few hours we were both drunk with the rest of the people singing this song loud, it was a really good memory about Brazil, I really like how simple this song is and all it means, just feeling in love and unable to be close to that person... Anyway it was ages ago, we been playing and singing it during this weekend... take a look on the video, lol! Enjoy it!

This song is one of things in my todo list; I mean record the whole arrangement, the bass guitar, drums, keyboard, acoustic guitar, etc... The nearest I have tried record was that version you can hear at the beginning of the video, he. My problem always was, is and will be TIME, I have no idea when I will have the chance to record it properly but I definitely have to do it soon.