One more cocaine story

date: Dec 18th, 2010.


today I am feeling a bit sad, it normally happens by these days, when it is getting closer to Christmas eve and boxing day. I don't know why, some people say that I have an elephant memory, I have very strong memories about christmas time when I was young, from my childhood, in my neighbourhood, with my brothers, my parents, friends. I think it is all about Christmas, stay close to the people who you love and love you, and try to not complain about anything, don't say your spending too much money, don't make tough questions till January, enjoy every second with those people.

Today my wife is spending the whole afternoon in a crazy laser hair removal session, all the people I know are buying presents (even my High Fidelity drunkest friends), I am completely alone at home, I am exhausted of playing my guitar, I have thousands of things to do but somehow I can't type any line of code, not even answer emails. So, I have decided to turn on my camcorder and make a quick video before sunset (3:30pm!?). I would like to speak about life, speak about how I am feeling, why I am here far away from my roots and explain some things about my culture. Unfortunately I made this video inspired one of the biggest disgraces on earth, cocaine and people paying lots per pure Colombian's grams.

Sorry I made this video in my mother language (Spanish) but additionally I have spent 6 hours of my life today adding subtitles to this video, I hope it is readable enough.

hey, if your going to make any comment about people who are/were in even worse situations than mine, please save your words. Believe me, I know what it does mean being in the crappiest situations in the world, my intention wasn't to make any comparison point with this video.

guys!!! cheers... Merry Christmas!!

date: 25 Mar 2011 - 22:12:51, published by carogiljim