Fix Planet Earth (story)

Mother Earth was created as an experiment by a superior race long before humans existed. This superior race has watched and scrutinized Earth's decline and degeneration over the last Century from the gulf of space. To their horror, they have discovered a remarkable change to the Earth's ecosystem; which has caused a sharp decline in the Earth's well-being. A higher authority demands action, save Earth at all costs, even if it means the elimination of Mankind. Can Mankind and Earth co-exist? The fate of the Earth is no longer in human hands.

Reports to the higher authority suggest that the human species has evolved to the point that they can prolong life beyond what nature intended. Thanks to rapid advances in agriculture, medicine, science and transport; humans are now living longer; but at a price. The price has created a bloated, overpopulated planet and humans are consuming everything that Earth has to offer, but without replacing it. War and hunger appears to be a less common theme, but destruction is a common trait, as well as greed amongst men. This superior race believes that it is time to intervene and change the Earth's course of self-destruction.

You, on behalf of this superior race have been sent to the Milky Way in order to accomplish one single task; improve Earth's balance. To achieve this you will be given use of only 1 of 5 different powerful guided missile-bombs that can be dropped in any place and on any surface on Earth. At this moment you are in the Solar system looking at the Earth from a distance of a few thousand miles, ready to take action.

Missile-Bomb List

  • Sanitation-health bomb: Immediately cures of any kind of illness and protects the affected area from viruses, pests and infections for about 25 years.
  • Fertile ground bomb: Allows growing of any kind of vegetation, even in the most barren places on Earth. This will supply food and prosperity for at least 50 years on the area.
  • Education extreme bomb: The following morning all the habitants of the affected area will wake up full of knowledge and a good understanding of community living.
  • Downgrade intelligence bomb: Turns people of affected area into sedentary habitants, increasing their happiness but reducing their innovation ability. They won't study any longer, they won't create new things, and they will stop contributing to the progress of the world's technology for the next 500 years.
  • Massive destruction bomb: An enormous nuclear bomb that is able to utterly destroy every living thing in the affected area (including bacteria).

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