What are they for?

date: November 29th, 2009

Last year in Flash on the Beach 2009 I was attending a session of a good developer who writes some books and articles about flash and actionscript, his name is Keith Peters. This guy just said something that made me think about my career and binary files related with it, files that we built and only we know about them. He said: What's the purpose of saving these files on your hard disk? If most of them will become obsolete and you could even forget that they exist. What are you earning or losing with all these files just there, in a folder on your hard disk? Why you just throw them away to the cyberspace?

I'm working as a programmer for a bit longer than 10 years and the amount of tests and experiments that I have done so far is more than "enormous", all these experiments and projects are all reflected in bytes, files, backups, (and he's right) some these files I don't even remember that they exists, in a forgotten hard disk or CDs. Sometimes I have criticized my mother about saving things in an old and dusty casket, things that only she knows how much they cost (they are priceless for her) but at the end the ugly truth is that these things are things that her grandchildren will throw to the bin without any concern. In some way this is the same concept of me saving files in my hard disk, what am I doing with them? Nothing at all. Of course there are many things we have to support during few years once we have them done, and it's true that our clients have paid for them and we must keep them with some privacy as sometimes it is dealt.

The point is, I have decided to throw away everything I have done just in case it could be useful to someone. My projects could be rubbish for some people but I'm pretty sure that there are people out there still learning and this effort I'm doing now really worth a lot and it could save time quite much, this is what I call evolution. What's the sense of living if we don't leave something from us in our planet? Something that could be useful to someone, Where's our contribution? There are many people out there that have helped me a lot, people that don't even know anything about me. They just though once "We are being selfish, we don't know if we will die tomorrow and then all our existing was just in vane", lol! That's my point of view, think about it and you will agree with me. I believe that our market is big enough and giving to it all we've done just will make us improve ourselves, everything will become more interesting, we will evolve in some way.

Publishing is something that takes ages, especially if we want to explain very well how things work, explain what we do is not easy. In my case I'm just so busy all the time and I badly have time for writing things like this article. So what I'm doing is (if I have a chance) when I arrive at home I will go to thru these forgotten folders and then I will publish them, one by one and I don't care if these are not well commented, that person who really wants to know about them deeply will look forward, I'm up for answering questions in my spare time.

Guys, the website where I'm publishing everything is named yoambulante.com, I bought its domain and also pay its hosting for 10 years, so I don't care about it, I don't care about its hits, it will be just available for whoever wants to access it and take whatever is relevant from it. Nowadays this is not expensive at all having a website, it just requires a lot of time. I will be publishing many different projects I did and future projects also. I got some interesting things like Elastic Collisions between circles and a Billar Pool game without using sin/cosin functions (ultra fast, non pre-calculated values), a Hold'em Texas Poker odds calculator on the fly (super fast, really interesting), many experiments with sounds, many things related with the flash bitmap API, etc.

Dude! Stop being selfish, show to the world whatever you have done, do it now, tomorrow you don't know if it will be possible, there is always someone looking for it. Happiness is only real when shared (Alexander Supertramp).