Protected panoramas using actionscript 3. Finally, it is alive and kicking!

date: August 15th, 2009

Hi, in my spare time I been working in a quite interesting project, it is related with publishing properties in the cold-rusty real estate market, slideshow tours, panorama tours and all of them fully interactive, the website is live.

At this moment there are many companies offering 360 panoramic online tours, some of them using quicktime player, others using java, other using flash and (papervision, away3d, etc)... Which one is the best? It depends on what you're trying to achieve and how quick you want to develop it. I believe that all these people who are working with panoramas are doing their photography job really well (which is perhaps the most important part of a panorama tour) but many of them are forgetting one really important thing "PROTECT THEIR PICTURES ", they make a huge effort taking pictures and investing in equipment and probably others are using their pictures with similar purposes and for free (it happens quite often in the real estate market), a bit unfair, where are the photographer rights? During my research process I found in some places duplicated panoramas, people are stealing pictures and reusing them in different websites, the question is: What is the most we can do to prevent that? put our name or company name as part of JPEG content? hmmmm… actually there is something even more interesting that we can do. Take a look on what we have done for protecting panoramas pictures on, there are not watermarks or content that could disturb the user's view, even less advertising. Here is the link to the panorama tour demo and take a look on one of the pictures how it looks like outside the tour:

It is a quite complex algorithm for reconstructing image data on the fly, if you're interested to find out more about how does it work just let me know, cheers!