Something about me

Well, to be honest my real name is not Alex Nino, it is Alejandro Giraldo NiƱo, I just had to change it due to continuous endless problems I got about how to pronounce it correctly, spelling it at phone, or while speaking with drunk people at any pub, the closest try I heard from someone (non spanish speaker) was Alehandrou that was good but still confused, perhaps I could be more lucky in America (americans are more used to latin names). So, as I believe that the problem is mine and it's me who needs to link up to the people and not the people to me I have decided (like a chinese) to change my name to "Alex Nino" in order to be more compatible with english speakers. I do like simplicity and useful easy things, so please let's make it simple, Alex Nino is not more than a nickname.

I arrived on this crazy world clearly by mistake on March 81, in a far, far forgotten small town but with more problems than a whole nation, close to the Pacific Ocean in the Colombian territory, it is called Cali. I'm the youngest of 4 brothers (all men), it was tough but I've survived. Early I began playing with some gadgets like telebolito, intellivision, atari, and it was here when I started feeling interested in games and how they are done but before start programming I've learned to play piano and guitar (I love music, can't live without it. It's a shame nowadays I have no more time for spending with...) here is a little of my music.

I've learned some programming languages such pascal with Borland Delphi, and C++ but I have to confess that it was Macromedia Flash who changed my life once we met each other in 98. I'm working with it since it didn't have support of mp3 audio format files, yes the version 3. And then together (Flash and I) started travelling around latin america looking for a better job opportunity and professional development than my hometown could offer us at that moment. Special thanks to: Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia for being a great school. I'm currently living and paying taxes in London, UK.

YoAmbulante came to my mind since I realized that I have tons of experiments, code, music and things that I have done during the last years in my hard disc totally wasted (in vain). So in a forced attempt this time I'm trying to publish all these things bit by bit just in case some of it could be useful to someone.

It is me eating one of my favourites latin dishes (beans!)

Alex Nino eating beans in a terrible hangover

Hmmm... I don't know why but one day Macromedia said that is cool showing this on my website.

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